Shandong Yunlong Eco Technologies Co., Ltd. is dedicated in designing and manufacturing new energy electric cars in accordance with Europe EEC L1e-L7e homologation. With EEC approval, we started the export business from 2018 under the slogan: Yunlong E-cars, Electrify Your Eco Life.

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  • A Brief History of the EEC Electric Utility Vehicle


    Development of the electric vehicle goes back to 1828. Electric utility vehicles were first used for commercial or work-related applications more than 150 years ago when the first electric carriage was introduced in England as an alternative means of low-speed transportation. During the post-war ...

  • Choose a powerful electric vehicle manufacturer with EEC certification.


    With the development of society and the improvement of living standards, EEC electric vehicles have begun to enter thousands of households as a popular means of transportation in Europe and become the main force on the road. But there is a principle of survival of the fittest in any field, and th...

  • Electric vehicles with EU EEC certification produced by Yunlong


    EEC certification of electric vehicles is a compulsory road certification for exporting to the EU, EEC certification, also called COC certification, WVTA certification, type approval, HOMOLOGATIN. This is the meaning of EEC when asked by customers. On January 1, 2016, the new standard 168/2013 wa...

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