Shandong Yunlong Eco Technologies Co., Ltd. is dedicated in designing and manufacturing new energy electric cars in accordance with Europe EEC L1e-L7e homologation. With EEC approval, we started the export business from 2018 under the slogan: Yunlong E-cars, Electrify Your Eco Life.

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  • EEC COC electric vehicle usage skills


    Before road the EEC low-speed electric vehicle, check whether various lights, meters, horns and indicators are working properly; check the indication of the electricity meter, whether the battery power is sufficient; check whether there is water on the surface of the controller and motor, and whe...

  • Electric mini trucks — delivering goods from warehouses to homes — can make a big, clean difference


    While diesel and gas trucks only make up a small portion of the vehicles on our roads and highways, they generate massive amounts of climate and air pollution. In the most impacted communities, these trucks create diesel “death zones” with more severe respiratory and heart problems. All around th...

  • How to keep electric car batteries warm in winter?


    How to properly charge electric vehicles in winter? Remember these 8 tips: 1. Increase the number of charging times. When using an electric vehicle, do not recharge the battery when the battery of the electric vehicle has no electricity at all. 2. When charging in sequence, plug in the battery pl...

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