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Shandong Yunlong Eco Technologies Co., Ltd. is dedicated in designing and manufacturing new energy electric cars in accordance with Europe EEC L1e-L7e homologation. With EEC approval, we started the export business from 2018 under the slogan: Yunlong E-cars, Electrify Your Eco Life.

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  • Mobility solution with Yunlong Ev


    In the ever-evolving landscape of urban transportation, Yunlong motors stands as a beacon of innovation, providing sustainable solutions to meet the growing demands of modern living. Our commitment to excellence is epitomized in our cutting-edge product, the EEC Electric Car. Join us on a journey...

  • The Shining Star of EICMA-Yunlong Motors


    Yunlong Motors, a pioneer in the electric vehicle industry, was gearing up to make a grand appearance at the 80th International Two Wheels Exhibition (EICMA) in Milan. EICMA, known as the world’s premier motorcycle and two-wheelers exhibition, was held from the 7th to the 12th of November, ...

  • Yunlong New L7e Cargo Vehicle-TEV is coming


    In a significant development for eco-conscious commuters and last mile solution, the highly anticipated Electric Cargo Vehicle TEV, designed for 80 km/h, will been granted EEC L7e approval in May, 2024. This milestone paves the way for a more sustainable and versatile mode of transportation in bo...

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