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Shandong Yunlong Eco Technologies Co., Ltd. is dedicated in designing and manufacturing new energy electric cars in accordance with Europe EEC L1e-L7e homologation. With EEC approval, we started the export business from 2018 under the slogan: Yunlong E-cars, Electrify Your Eco Life.

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  • How High-Speed EEC Electric Cars are Revolutionizing Long-Distance Travel


    EEC Electric cars have been making waves in the automotive industry for several years now, but the latest development in this technology is set to revolutionize long-distance travel. High-speed electric cars are quickly gaining popularity due to their numerous benefits and the ability to overcome...

  • Exploring the Features of the YUNLONG EEC Electric Tricycle


    Welcome to the world of the Yunlong EEC electric tricycle, where ample space, weather protection, and enhanced safety come together to redefine your travel experience. Designed with a focus on flexibility, comfort, and safety, the YUNLONG EV offers a range of features that make every journey a de...

  • The New Color of EEC L7e Electric Vehicle Panda is Available Now.


    Since EEC L7e Panda launch, it has received enthusiastic attention and unanimous praise from all of dealers. In an exciting development for urban commuters, offering a remarkable combination of city-friendly design, enhanced safety features, and a comfortable ride for up to four passengers. Now t...

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